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alt Understanding the Times Jan Markell
The Social Justice Gospel: Putting Poverty Above the Cross
Jan Markell and co-host Eric Barger talk about the “social justice gospel” for the first two segments. These folks often put poverty and “equality” above the cross. They will feed the stomach but not the soul. They look at primarily Jim Wallis, a long-time Marxist who has “moderated” to a Socialist and who is an Obama advisor. Joining Jan and Eric are Mary Danielson, author of a product we carry about Wallis, and Mike LeMay from “Stand Up for the Truth” radio. Find info on all our pamphlets here. Then Jan talks to author Jeff Kinley about his book, “As it Was in the Days of Noah: Warnings from Bible Prophecy About the Coming Global Storm.” We are in those “days of Noah”. How are they similar to the former days in the Bible? Find his book here. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.
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